Armless speculation…

I’m tempted to get a photo vest.

Lenses, filters, film, dark slide, spare batteries, light meter, … all easily accessible, while not overheating due to wearing a capacious coat.

I’m tempted, but I don’t want to look like a complete twat. Which is interesting, because at my age, I’d like to think I’m past worrying what people think I look like.

Obviously not. But then again, a photo vest is crossing the border into safari suit territory.

I use a Lowepro Slingshot bag, which is great, but no good if I’ve got a tripod on my back.

Maybe, it won’t look too sad.

It might make me look like I take what I do seriously. A real pro.

Maybe even a bit cool.

On second thoughts, I didn’t even look very cool when I actually was a war reporter

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