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While Anne Donoghue from the Company of Communicators was finalising plans with Barbara and David Seamark at Manor Farm, Wilstead for the City of London’s annual Sheep Drive we wondered: Could you attach a camera to a sheep for the event?

How to attach a camera to a sheep.

1/ First catch your sheep. Fortunately, Chino has a fatal weakness for digestive biscuits.

2/ Corner the sheep

3/ Attach a GoPro camera using a dog harness.

And here is the first footage:


4/ To remove the camera simply get out the biscuits

No, Chino I do not have any digestive biscuits…

After this dress rehearsal we will be giving you a sheep’s eye view of the Sheep Drive from Southwark Bridge on September 26.

Could be the greatest ovine viewing since One Man and His Dog.

Thanks to Andy Fairgrieve from PrimaVistaFilms for the loan of the camera. We will try to get it back to you in one piece.

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