Lockdown through the lens

First and foremost, I hope you are all well and keeping up your spirits.

Social distancing should really just be called physical distancing, as there has been greater social connection as people reach out and offer help to people in need.

Like three quarters of a million of other Britons, I have become an NHS volunteer and may soon be busy helping our front-line medical staff.

A few images as we complete our first official week of self-isolating.

My mother-in-law, Patricia wanted to volunteer as she was a nurse during a polio outbreak in 1949. We explained that her skills may be a little rusty.

I live by Kingston Hospital. A nurse has posted up some pictures from patients at the children’s hospital.

We are fortunate to live near Richmond Park where we take a daily walk at dawn.

I have been asked by friends in lockdown around the world to post some pictures from the park, so here are some from the Canbury Camera Club for those who may not be able to access nature as much as they would like:

This bench my wife and I pass on our walk reminds us of how others have endured much harder times.

And once our walk is over, I return to my office and observe life going on through my window.

My neighbours are key workers helping the vulnerable.

The other day I had a curious visitor.

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