Message from inspirational coronavirus nurse

The nurse whose emotional response to Clap For Our Carers inspired me to launch the doortraits4NHS project has contacted me:

Kingston-upon-Thames, UK. 23rd April 2020. Frontline staff including doctors, nurses, patients and RAC staff clap for carers, key workers and NHS staff outside the entrance to Kingston in Surry during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown

“Hi Andy… Hope you are well and taking care of yourself. I’ll like to thank you for your work and support by sharing your amazing shots with the country and our community. We’re so glad to see you at the poignant moments of the Thursdays clapping moment… I also like to thank you for your poignant photo of myself in which embarrassing enough, it’s how we really feel…. Thank you for your hard work. We’re together in all of this. Stay safe and well. Kind regards Yoshi”

From Yoshi Bunce Kawajigashi Alvarado, who adds:

” This wonderful guy is a dear doctor who survived Covid..! I kept messaging him while in ICU… He wanted to return to work..and have been inseparable at work. He was so grateful for my messages of support. We’d lost a few members a nurse, an patient transport driver.”




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