My photographic year

The diary is rapidly filling up for photo assignments for 2017. Before I step back into the fray, I thought I’d share a quick review of my 2016 in pictures…


A nice start to the year: a business trip to Thailand.

One of the pitfalls of shooting in exotic places is you are immediately attracted to the unusual and end up taking cliche tourist shots. A pitfall I fell straight into…


Back home in Kingston I still try to find moments of beauty in everyday life.


Covered the New York St Patrick’s Day Parade…

… but spent most of my time working from the hotel room.


Thought our cat had fallen victim to a grim, serial cat decapitator.

Police investigate what was thought to be the latest victim of a series of decapitations of pet cats in South London

Turned out it was a baby fox. Apparently adult males sometimes chew their heads off.
As you can imagine, I was rather disappointed that my story got spiked…


This shot of an Italian chef making focaccia won the Delicious magazine photography competition.


Covered a few events in London for the press.

An annual peaceful and lighthearted protest against oil dependency and car culture passes through a crowd of tourists against the backdrop of the Houses of Parliament and London Eye

And something even more ridiculous, but not as funny:

A young woman dressed in black denim and leggings has pinned a homemade sign on her back reading “Still A European” as she walks through Kingston-upon-Thames shopping centre


Traditional Catalan dancing in Cap de Creus, Spain .


One of the highlights of our year (and this is going to be hard to understand for parents with kids) is having our niece and nephew to stay during the summer hols


Covered the big pro-EU march in London.

Saturday 3 September, London, UK: thousands march in cities across the UK protesting against Brexit. London’s demonstration marched to Parliament Square, two days before Parliament reconvenes to debate Britain’s future with Europe. Comedian Eddie Izzard was among the speakers.


Came across this creepy scene while mooching around an abandoned house in Brandenburg (as you do)


Shot an advertising campaign for erectile dysfunction.

Ironically, the actor is the least likely man I know to suffer from this and found it a struggle to stay in character at one point during the shoot.


A friend gave birth to a beautiful baby boy

I hope you had a great year too, with more ups than downs.

We are living in uncertain times, but I’m going to focus on the positive (pun intended).

All the best for 2017!

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