What’s the point of portrait photography?

By 3 February 2021 No Comments

Someone just asked me why anyone would want a photographic portrait.

A combination of lockdown-addled faculties and middle-aged woolly-mindedness meant I didn’t snap back with the kind of clear answer you should expect from a portrait photographer, so I’ve sat down and created a little list (we all love a good list)…

1/ To update your professional profile.

A good quality headshot

  • conveys your professionalism to potential clients.
  • portrays approachability, making people feel more comfortable about approaching or connecting with you
  • makes you stand out from the rest
  • boosts your self-confidence

You don’t have to be a celeb or CEO to have a great professional portrait anymore – they are affordable for everyone.

2/ To celebrate a significant event in your life

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, pregnancy etc spring to mind


3/ To capture your children as they grow up fast

Ok, time has probably dragged while homeschooling but your darlings will not look the same in a year’s time.

4/ To up-date your family photos to hang on the wall

5/ Dating site profiles.

I’ve helped bring success to men and women aged from 35 to 70.

6/ It just makes you feel good!

A great photograph that shows you at your best makes is something to be treasured

I really wish I had a decent one of myself!

And finally, I know most people hate having their picture taken, but a good photographer will know how to relax you and even enable you to enjoy the experience. Give it a go!



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